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What is Health Share Ministry ?

Most health sharing ministries are oriented toward practicing Christian and aligned with ideals or principles found in the Bible, primarily translated to mean that believers have a responsibility to assist in meeting each other's needs.

Several states have tried to block health care sharing ministries on the grounds that they are selling unauthorized insurance. A majority of states, however, have enacted safe harbor laws specifying that the ministries are not insurance and do not need to be regulated as such. In addition, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services issues exemption letters to ministries that have met the criteria to operate independently of the Affordable Care Act.

The future of health care sharing ministries after Obamacare's individual mandate repeal was unclear, but a work published by Harvard Law School suggested that many people may continue to use them, and they could even expand for people ineligible for healthcare subsidies. (This is a summary found in wikipedia)

There are many Health Share Ministries many have their owned guidelines where members share their medical expenses. Each Ministry will provide several different plans for individuals & families. It is important for people to understand that this are not insurance but it will do the job of covering your medical expenses. 

Most are recognized Health Care Sharing Ministry & members are exempted from tax penalties.

Depending on the Ministry plan and their guidelines; maternity will be covert. You most follow their guidelines to make sure it will be covert. However Most of the companies shares ai,(cover) the cost of maternity.

Your monthly contribution (premiums) will very from company to company but their guidelines are based on the age and members in your family and membership plan you choose.

Most Ministry plans are part of MultiPlan PPO which is a network that the majority providers accepts. However it is always good to verify with your provider to make sure is part of the network.

Yes, a member can have a health insurance through work or another source. However it is important to verified with the Ministry company since each HealthShare Ministry will have different guidelines.

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